Higuerón Sport Club | Higuerón Spa


Since 2004, Higuerón Sport and Higuerón Spa have been fully running and in constant growth, providing sports and wellness services to all the residents of Higuerón Resort. With the opening of the Sport Club and the new paddle tennis courts, we had the honour of hosting the first Paddle Pro-Tour championship. Shortly after the opening of the Sport Club, it was extended focusing on a heated indoor pool and beach volleyball courts with a total area of 2.175,00 m2. Due to its spaciousness, we started in 2015 with the first edition of the national beach volleyball championship in Higuerón Resort, which we have been holding in our facilities over the last eight years. In 2017, we continued to grow with new paddle courts, reaching a total of nine. Our latest renovation took place in 2019, with the extension of our 750m2 gym, fully equipped with the latest technology, and with an outdoor area. We continue to work towards the improvement of the Higuerón Sport Club and Spa to provide quality service.